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Tell the Wizard you have the power to cast Life Magic.
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I require the soul of the Ice Dragon, so you will need to craft a Soul Catcher to contain its essence. The Ice Dragon is quite powerful. You may need to smack it around a bit to make it easier to contain.
Tell the Wizard you have captured the Ice Dragon.
The Dragon Rider returns triumphant! Quick, give me the Ice Dragon. Excellent. I will take care of this monster. As for you, bask in your victory. But not for too long. There are more dragons to hunt, and greater battles. Until then, remember, the world belongs to those who shape it.
Do you feel the power radiating through you? The magic of the ice dragon has imbued you with its energy. Yes... I feel it. An old spell is coming back to me.
Once you find the stones, binding them to the staff will create a powerful magical effect.
Tell the Wizard you have the power to cast Life Magic.
Now you see the power these dragons possess. The wisdom. But there is much more to do, and so little time.
现在你知道这些龙有伟大功率。智慧。 可是你有多劳动,而且一点时间。
I must continue to reflect on the power of the dragons. While I meditate, you should check on Ted to see if he requires any assistance.
我必须思考龙的力量。我幽思的时候,你因该访 Ted 也帮助他。
Speak with Ted about any assistance he may require.
Now how did that old spell go? Bibbity bob-bama? Banana-nana—no, no, no, that’s not it.
那个老魅力是什么? Bibbity bob-bama? Banana-nana。。。不, 不,不,那个很不好。
Wait for the Wizard to complete his meditation.


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