The Grand Finale
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Use the crafting table to craft a sword.
It's time to try out that crafting table. Place it on the ground by pressing L2, and let's use it to craft a sword.
It's time to try out that crafting table. Place it on the ground by pressing the right mouse button, and let's use it to craft a sword.
さあ、クラフトテーブルを使ってみよう。マウスの右ボタンを押して地面に置くんだ。 早速、剣を作ってみよう。
It's time to try out that crafting table. Place it on the ground by tapping on the block you wish to place it next to, and let's use it to craft a sword.
Now you look like a proper warrior.

Hmm . . . perhaps you can help me with my current dilemma.

The Grand Finale
What do I see! Really? You subdued my dragons! I underestimated you! You turned out to be stronger than I thought.
But that means ... What do you feel now, Dragon Rider? Do you feel the power that overwhelms you and wants to break out?
Do you want to use all of it? I can help you with this if you join me. Let’s put all the disagreements behind us and unite together for the great goal of conquering this world.
No one and nothing can stop us.
Are you ready to join me?
At last! For a long time, I had to wait for this hour! You know that I already tried to conquer this world, but alone I could not do it.
But now, with you, I will become twice as strong, we will conquer not only this world but also that external one, all around will obey to my strength!
I will become the omnipotent ruler of all worlds, I will put everyone on their knees, I ... oh, I wanted to say "we"...
Why are you looking at me like that? I am the Dragon Lord, and you are only their Rider. The title of Lord still needs to be earned.
Do you want to become equal to me and get the title of Lord of the Dragons so that miserable little people tremble at the mention of your name?

Then take my staff...


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