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Tell Aaron you have the Sulfur.
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Ha ha! Terrific. That dragon won’t know what hit him.
Ha ha! Ótimo. Esse dragão não vai saber o que o atingiu.
Now that you have new weapons, it’s time to return to the Wizard. I’m sure he has big plans for you.

If you ever need anything metal-related, like weapons or armor, I’m your man. You can think of me as your alloy ally.
Agora que tens armas novas, é tempo de voltar para o Feiticeiro. Tenho a certeza que ele tem grandes planos para ti.

Se alguma vez precisares de algo de metal, tal como armas ou armaduras, eu sou o teu homem. Podes pensar em mim como o teu aliado.
Stinky Mining
Hey, Dragon Rider! I’m working on a weapon worthy of a warrior such as you. Wow! That’s a lot of W’s. I’m going to need a lot of Sulfur to make it, though. That’s where you come in.
The system I’m working with can process up to fifty Sulfur per day. I’ll need a lot more than that, but you’ve got a nose for finding those stinky rocks, don’t you?
Tell Aaron you have the Sulfur.
Diz ao Aaron que mataste os dragões.
Nice! Check back tomorrow and I’ll send you out for more ore.
I have great news! That’s all the ore I need. Now feast your eyes on my ultimate weapon!
Warrior Defense
Defesa do Guerreiro
Why are you talking to me? Is something wrong? Do you have bad news? Oh. Oh I see. Armor? Well why didn't you say so?
Porque estás a falar comigo? Passa-se algo de errado? Tens más noticias? Oh. Estou a ver. Armadura? Porque não disseste?
We're all doomed. Doomed, I tell you! That Dragon Lord is going to obliterate everyone in this whole world!
Estamos todos condenados. Condenados, eu digo-te! Esse Senhor Dragão vai destruir toda a gente neste mundo inteiro!


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