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Stinky Mining
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I can feel my heart rate returning to normal. Okay – crisis averted. Now we can make a new sword and shield for you.
제 심장박동이 보통으로 돌아가는걸 느낄 수 있습니다. 네—위기를 피하였습니다. 지금 새로운 검과 방패를 만들 수 있습니다.
You have the ability, Dragon Rider. I believe in you. Assemble the weapons you need to defeat Ashkore!
드래곤 라이더, 당신은 능력이 있습니다. 전 당신을 믿습니다. 당신이 Ashkore를 패배시키려면 무기를 조립하세요!
Tell Aaron you have crafted the Epic Sword and Shield.
에픽 검과 방패를 만들었다고 아론에게 말하세요.
Ha ha! Terrific. That dragon won’t know what hit him.
하하! 멋지군요. 드래곤은 그를 칠 것이 무엇인지 모를 것입니다.
Now that you have new weapons, it’s time to return to the Wizard. I’m sure he has big plans for you.

If you ever need anything metal-related, like weapons or armor, I’m your man. You can think of me as your alloy ally.
이제 당신은 새로운 무기를 가지게 되었습니다, 이제 마법사로 돌아갈 때입니다. 그는 당신을 위한 큰 계획을 가지고 있는게 분명합니다.

무기나 갑옷같은 메탈로 된 것을 필요로 하신다면, 제가 당신을 위해 있을 것입니다. 저를 동맹자로 생각하세요.
Stinky Mining
Hey, Dragon Rider! I’m working on a weapon worthy of a warrior such as you. Wow! That’s a lot of W’s. I’m going to need a lot of Sulfur to make it, though. That’s where you come in.
The system I’m working with can process up to fifty Sulfur per day. I’ll need a lot more than that, but you’ve got a nose for finding those stinky rocks, don’t you?
Tell Aaron you have the Sulfur.
당신이 드래곤을 무찔렀다고 아론에게 말해주세요.
Nice! Check back tomorrow and I’ll send you out for more ore.
I have great news! That’s all the ore I need. Now feast your eyes on my ultimate weapon!


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