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Dragon Helmet
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There's no place like home. There's no place like—oh! I didn't see ya there. If ya need help crafting, check your Recipe Book to learn how to craft different items.
Tell Ted that you have the items to build a proper house.
Those beds look more comfortable to sleep on than a chubby goat. You are a person of many skills, my friend. Did ya build a few houses? You should definitely do that if ya get a chance.
Thank you for all your help, my friend. I can truly see the city of my dreams, and it's all because of you. As you continue your adventures in this land, you should build more houses! And bigger houses! And expand our city.
Check back in once in a while. I may have more work for ya. Oh yeah! This note came for ya while you were gone. It's from that old wizard. He says he's ready for ya. Good luck on your adventures.
Dragon Helmet
Oi! Can ya believe that dastardly Dragon Dolt? Ya gotta help me clobber him!
The Dragon Lord’s cruelty tore my family asunder. I’ll never forgive myself for helpin’ him get tough again. Together I hope we can undo what we have done.
The whole world is countin’ on you, Dragon Rider. Don’t give up!
Tell Ted you have crafted the Dragon Helmet.
Now that’s what I call a helmet! Maybe we stand a chance after all.
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