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I've always believed in you. Now you have a loyal Rainbow Basilisk. It swims well under the water. Keep an eye on it.
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I think you are ready to go to the deep ocean and catch something good. Live sharks are very valuable, if you catch a few, I will reward you generously! Grab your fishing road and hit the road.
Tell Ted that you caught 30 sharks.
Sage Ted dass du das Rohmaterial hast.
Incredibly, very few people can take on a white shark and live. Here, take these instructions. You can craft a really nice boat with it. You have earned it.
I must admit I have taught you well. Now you are ready for the final test. The old fishermen tell stories about the Rainbow Basilisk. It is a rare and mysterious creature. Rumor has it that if you can catch one, then it will be loyal to you forever. It is not an ordinary Basilisk, the Rainbow Basilisk is invisible until it is caught accidentally, you just have to get lucky.
Tell Ted that you caught the Rainbow Basilisk.
Sage Ted dass du das Rohmaterial hast.
I've always believed in you. Now you have a loyal Rainbow Basilisk. It swims well under the water. Keep an eye on it.
Check back from time to time, who knows, maybe I can propose something interesting for you.
Staking Claim
Absteckungs Anspruch
By my iron pickaxe, it’s the Dragon Rider! I haven’t seen ya in many a moon.
Bei meiner Eisenspitzhacke, es ist der Drachenreiter! Ich habe dich lange nicht mehr gesehen.
It’s good to see ya here, Dragon Rider, and not a moment too soon! Them bears have been mussin’ up my city-buildlin’ plans! Thin out the sleuth a bit for me, would ya?
Es ist gut, dich hier zu sehen, Drachenreiter, und nicht einen Moment zu früh! Die Bären haben meine Stadtplanung durcheinander gebracht! Kannst du mir dabei helfen es wieder in Ordnung zu bringen?
Bet ya didn’t know a pack of bears was called a sleuth, did ya? I may be a copper-headed Viking but I still know a thing or two.
Ich wette du wusstest nicht, dass ein Rudel Bären, Detektiv genannt wurden oder ? Ich mag zwar ein Kupferkopf Viking sein, aber ich weiß noch das ein oder andere.



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