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Alchemists have the ability to create all sorts of useful liquids. A true master alchemist knows the art of combining certain rare ingredients to create a potion that restores mana.
Alquimistas tem a habilidade de criar diversos tipos de líquidos úteis. Um verdadeiro mestre alquimista sabe a arte de combinar certos ingredientes raros para criar uma poção que restaura a mana.
You must gather the necessary ingredients before you can craft the Mana Potion, so go get them! Don't dawdle around here.
Você deve reunir os ingredientes necessários antes de poder fazer a Poção de Mana, por isso vá encontrá-los! Pare de enrolar.
Tell the Alchemist that you have the mana potion.
Diga ao Alquimista que você fez a poção de mana.
I must admit, I have never seen someone take to alchemy so skillfully. Are you sure you have never done this before? I suppose you do have an excellent teacher.
Eu devo admitir, nunca vi alguém se iniciar na alquimia com tanta habilidade. Tem certeza de que nunca você nunca fez isso antes? Eu suponho você tenha tido um bom professor.
Now that you have the two potions your dragon requires, be careful with them. Check back in from time to time, I may be able to further your alchemy training. And I may have other tasks for you as well.
Agora que você tem as duas poções que o seu dragão precisa, tome cuidado com elas. Volte de vez enquanto, posso ser capaz de continuar com a sua formação em alquimia. E posso ter outras tarefas para você, também.
I see that you love to travel very much, which means you will not refuse to fulfill the request of my friends Fuza from the Ice Cities. Go back to the distant Outside World and bring the amber brick block from there. Perhaps I can even learn how to create such a block here in our world, and then I will share this secret with you. But I don’t know how many blocks will be needed for this experiment, so hurry up.
I see you are not in a hurry to comply with my request. Fuza have been waiting for me in their Ice Cities. And I can’t wait to uncover the secret of these amber blocks.
Tell the Alchemist you have the Amber Bricks.
Diga ao Alquimista que você fez a poção de mana.
You are so dusty and dirty, Dragon Raider, probably it was not easy for you to wander in these terrible ancient pyramids! It's amazing that you returned from there and brought this block. Fuza will be very grateful to you.
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