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You must gather the necessary ingredients before you can craft the Mana Potion, so go get them! Don't dawdle around here.
당신이 마나 물약을 만들기 전에 필요한 재료들을 반드시 모으셔야 합니다, 그래야 마나 물약을 얻을 수 있습니다! 꾸물거리지 마세요.
Tell the Alchemist that you have the mana potion.
마나 물약을 가지고 있음을 연금술사에게 말하세요.
I must admit, I have never seen someone take to alchemy so skillfully. Are you sure you have never done this before? I suppose you do have an excellent teacher.
이렇게 연금술을 기술적으로 완벽하게 해온 사람이 없음을 인정합니다. 정말로 이전에는 이걸 해본적이 없으신가요? 당신은 훌륭한 선생님이 있으신것 같습니다.
Now that you have the two potions your dragon requires, be careful with them. Check back in from time to time, I may be able to further your alchemy training. And I may have other tasks for you as well.
현재 당신은 드래곤이 필요로하는 두가지 물약을 가지고 계십니다, 그들을 조심하세요. 가끔씩 돌아와서 확인하세요, 당신의 연금술 훈련을 더 앞서가실 필요가 있습니다. 저는 당신을 위한 다른 일도 가지고 있습니다.
I see that you love to travel very much, which means you will not refuse to fulfill the request of my friends Fuza from the Ice Cities. Go back to the distant Outside World and bring the amber brick block from there. Perhaps I can even learn how to create such a block here in our world, and then I will share this secret with you. But I don’t know how many blocks will be needed for this experiment, so hurry up.
I see you are not in a hurry to comply with my request. Fuza have been waiting for me in their Ice Cities. And I can’t wait to uncover the secret of these amber blocks.
Tell the Alchemist you have the Amber Bricks.
마나 물약을 가지고 있음을 연금술사에게 말하세요.
You are so dusty and dirty, Dragon Raider, probably it was not easy for you to wander in these terrible ancient pyramids! It's amazing that you returned from there and brought this block. Fuza will be very grateful to you.
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