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Tell the Alchemist you have the Amber Bricks.
I see that you love to travel very much, which means you will not refuse to fulfill the request of my friends Fuza from the Ice Cities. Go back to the distant Outside World and bring the amber brick block from there. Perhaps I can even learn how to create such a block here in our world, and then I will share this secret with you. But I don’t know how many blocks will be needed for this experiment, so hurry up.
I see you are not in a hurry to comply with my request. Fuza have been waiting for me in their Ice Cities. And I can’t wait to uncover the secret of these amber blocks.
You are so dusty and dirty, Dragon Raider, probably it was not easy for you to wander in these terrible ancient pyramids! It's amazing that you returned from there and brought this block. Fuza will be very grateful to you.
Hunter in the Shadows~
People of this world fear me for good reason. I like to hide in the shadows to kill my prey so they never see what is coming. My method is a secret I am willing to share with you.
I like to use something called a bow. It fires arrows from the webs I used to create it. Craft a bow and some arrows and return to me for some training.
Tell the Alchemist that you have crafted the bow and arrows.
You sure took a long time to create something so simple.
Are you sure you are ready to learn how to use the bow and arrows properly?
I'm not surprised with how long it took for you to actually craft the bow and arrows. Come back when you want to learn how to become a worthy hunter.


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