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Even a creature as lowly as me, and you still helped, Dragon Rider.
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Sweet dome, Dragon Rider! This helmet is even thicker than my skull, and that’s saying something!
아늑한 곳이네요, 드래곤 라이더! 이 헬멧은 제 뼈보다 더 두껍습니다, 그리고 무엇가를 말합니다!
There’s just one more piece to complete the ensemble, Dragon Rider, and that’s Goblin Pants! Make me some pants, for the love of all that is goblin!
드래곤 라이더, 앙상블을 완료하려면 한 조각더 필요합니다, 그리고 그게 바로 고블린 바지입니다! 고블린을 좋아하는 저에게 바지 몇 개 만들어주세요!
I like big pants and I cannot lie. All you other goblins can’t deny, when a goblin walks in with an itty bitty mace and a sharp knife in your face you put on Goblin Pants!
저는 큰 바지를 좋아하고 거짓말하지 않습니다. 다른 고블린들은 거부할 수 없습니다, 고블린이 이티 비티 메이스와 날카로운 칼로 당신 앞에 걸어가면 고블린 바지를 입으세요!
Tell Mr. Goblin you have his replacement goblin pants.
대체품 고블린 바지를 가져왔다고 고블린에게 말하세요.
That’s it! Yes! I feel like my old self again. Thank you!
그게 다입니다! 네! 이전의 나를 되찾은것 같군요. 감사합니다!
Even a creature as lowly as me, and you still helped, Dragon Rider.
저만큼 하찮은 생물체일지라도, 드래곤 라이더 당신이 도와주셨습니다.
Quantum Theory
Let’s see . . .

If I attach this dispersal hose to the recombobulator . . .
Word has spread that Mr. Goblin has an innovative idea for faster travel. Speak to him to learn more.
Aha! Dragon Rider!

It’s good to see you.
As you can see, I am trying to assemble a contraption.

You know, the device everyone has been whispering about?


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