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Not bad, Dragon Rider. But I’m gonna need way more Unobtainium than this. Bring me some more tomorrow, and we’ll see.
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Binary Contraption
Hello-o-o-o-o-o, Dragon Rider! It’s great to see your stupid face again. I’m working on a sick computer-thingy that will power a mechanical walker, the coolest new attack vehicle around! Bring me some Unobtainium, and I’ll give it to you.
C’mon, you knew you’d need to do something before I give up the prize. But hey, I appreciate you going to hell and back for me. Literally! Hahaha!
Tell Mr. Goblin you have the Unobtainium.
Dì al signor Goblin che hai le pelli di cavallo.
Not bad, Dragon Rider. But I’m gonna need way more Unobtainium than this. Bring me some more tomorrow, and we’ll see.
Oh all right. I guess this is enough Unobtainium. Here ya go, Dragon Rider. But don’t break my computer! I’ll pop ya one in the nose.
Dragon Pants
Pantaloni da Drago
That no good stinking Dragon Lord! I’d like to wring his lordly neck!
Questo non è un bel puzzare Signore Drago! Mi piacerebbe torcerle quel suo collo signorile!
Too much time under ground, too many explosions—let’s be honest, I’m pretty nuts. But not as nuts as that punk Dragon Lord. Let’s chew his ankles off! Or I could help you make stuff to fight him. That too.
Troppo tempo sotto terra, troppe esplosione—siamo onesti, sono abbastanza fuso. Ma non fuso quel delinquente di Signore Drago. Mangiamogli le caviglie! O potrei aiutarti a fare cose per combatterlo. Anche questo.
I’ve been thinking, and maybe this is just a crazy conspiracy theory, but I think the angry streak we goblins have is due to the Dragon Lord’s meddling. Our weak minds were influenced too easily.
Sono stato a pensare, e forse questa è solo una pazza teoria di cospirazione, ma penso che quella vena di arrabbiati che noi goblin abbiamo è data dall'intromissione di Signore Drago. Le nostre deboli menti sono state influenzate troppo facilmente.


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