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Dragon Training
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I smile when I think of your arrival in this land so long ago. You’ve grown so much since then – and your dragon too, of course.

When you are able to ride your dragon, speak to me again.
Craft a Saddle and mount the dragon.
Amazing! Truly, you have earned the name Dragon Rider.
Tell Paula you can ride the dragon.
I sense the Dragon Lord’s presence. He is closer than I have felt in a long time.

My prayers are with you. I only wish we could fly dragons side by side.

Return to the Wizard and complete your quest.
Dragon Training
So you wish to train this lizard whelp and take on the Dragon Lord? Hey, it's your funeral.
Killing powerful monsters is the fastest way to strengthen your dragon. As your dragon defeats monsters, it will level up and eventually grow into a magnificent creature.

Find some werewolves and put an end to their terror. Werewolves live in the mountains with the sequoia trees.

I'm happy to help you. The Dragon Lord killed . . . many people. He needs to pay.

But first find some werewolves and put an end to their terror. Werewolves live in the mountains with the sequoia trees.

Tell Paula that you have slain the werewolves.
Now that you have killed some of the werewolves, your dragon could use some more intense training. It will need to be able to defeat even more powerful monsters before you will have a chance to defeat the Dragon Lord.


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