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That should do it! Oh, Dragon Rider, feast your eyes on this beauty!
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Dragon Hunting
드래곤 훈련
Oh it’s good to see you! How does your dragon fare today? Would you show me the kindness of acquiring some Dragonscale for me? My hope is to use it to assemble a fantastic new weapon.
I know that Dragonscale is not easy to acquire, but you are the Dragon Rider, after all.
Tell Paula you have the Dragonscales.
파울라에게 당신이 드래곤 부츠를 만들어본적이 있다고 말해주세요.
Thank you so much! Bring more tomorrow and I will continue work on my new weapon.
That should do it! Oh, Dragon Rider, feast your eyes on this beauty!
Dragon Rider
드래곤 기사
Dragon Rider! This is a pleasant surprise. It has been too long.
드래곤 기사! 이건 정말 유쾌한 놀라움이예요. 정말 오래 기다렸어요.
It fills me with warmth to see you and your dragon. I’ve missed you both so. As for your mission, only through combat and rigorous training will your dragon grow stronger.
당신과 당신의 드래곤을 보는 나는 뜨거움으로 가득차 있어요. 당신들이 정말 그리웠어요. 당신의 임무는 실전과 혹독한 훈련만이 당신의 드래곤이 강해질수 있게 한다는것이예요.
I smile when I think of your arrival in this land so long ago. You’ve grown so much since then – and your dragon too, of course.

When you are able to ride your dragon, speak to me again.
오래전에 당신들이 이 땅에 도착하였을때 생각을 하면 지금도 웃음이 나요. 역시 그때보다 당신과 당신의 드래곤은 많이 성장했어요.
드래곤을 탈때 저에게 다시 말해주세요.
Craft a Saddle and mount the dragon.
안장을 만들어 드래곤에 올려놓으세요.


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