The Maturation of the Dragon
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You must prepare. If you and your dragon are not strong enough, you won’t stand a chance against the Dragon Lord.
Debes prepararte. Si tú y tu dragón no sois lo suficientemente fuertes, no tendrás ninguna posibilidad contra el Señor Dragón.
What will I do when it’s all over? Raise my animals in peace. I suppose Ted will build his city. What will you do?
¿Qué haré cuando todo haya terminado? Criaré a mis animales en paz. Supongo que Ted construirá su ciudad. ¿Y tú qué harás?
Reach level 50 with the dragon.
Alcanza el nivel 50 con el dragón.
You are the greatest person I have ever known. I truly believe you can end our struggle.
Eres la mejor persona que he conocido jamás. Creo, de verdad, que puedes poner fin a nuestra lucha.
Tell Paula the dragon has reached its maximum potential.
Dile a Paula que el dragón ha alcanzado su potencial máximo.
The Maturation of the Dragon
Dile a Paula que puedes montar al dragón.
Tell Paula the Xordaraxus has reached its maximum potential.
Dile a Paula que el dragón ha alcanzado su potencial máximo.
I always believed in your victory and I am happy that I was not mistaken in you.
But why am I crying? These are tears of joy, because during the battle I saw my beloved dragon, whom I considered dead. Do you remember, I told you about my dragon Xordaraxus?
I grieved for him and missed so much, but it turns out, he did not die, he was stolen by this vile Dragon Lord!
Dear God, my handsome dragon has changed under the dark spell of the Lord ...
I could hardly recognize him, but it is undoubtedly him. I am so glad to be able to see him again.
I see that the Lord mistreated his dragons and he is not worthy to own them! But I can not take care of dragons.
Only you, the Dragon Rider, could pacify all three dragons and become their friend and mentor.
But this is not an easy goal, are you ready to start?
I did not doubt that you would agree to help the unfortunate dragons. Then let’s start immediately.
The Ice Dragon is very wayward and rebellious, to subdue it you will need a lot of effort. Only the power of the Dragon hearts will help conquer this obstinate dragon.

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La maduración del dragón

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The Maturation of the Dragon
La maduración del dragón
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