Tell Paula that you killed Mati.
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It remains only to cleanse our world from a terrible creature, a creature of darkness, which appears every night of nowhere and creates many troubles.
You can’t hide from him anywhere, and his name is usually mentioned only in a whisper.
The Dark Spirit
He came to us from another world, for a long time he only watched, without interfering in the life of people.
And only his eyes, which sometimes appeared in the night sky, were terrifying. But then he showed up to people, and there was no salvation from him.
Perhaps the dark spell of the Lord called him. He is an evil that appears at night and for which there are no barriers.
This is an evil dark spirit that claimed many lives and his name is Mati.
He is covered with evil spells and ordinary weapons are powerless against him. Only magic spells can defeat this monster. I know your strength is great, but it won't hurt you to arm better.

Take this staff, it will help you kill this evil spirit.
Now go and clear this world from this evil spirit.
Tell Paula that you killed Mati.
Dile a Paula que has matado a los hombres lobo.
Finally, it is finished with this terrible creature, which everyone was so afraid of! You cleansed our land of evil and chose the hard path of the protector of this world. Legends will be composed of your exploits.
Take good care of your dragons, train and mentor them, because evil can come back at any moment.

Good luck, Dragon Rider, maybe we'll meet again and I will reveal to you new secrets of our world.
It is time to hit the road, but follow my advice - leave your pets at home, they can’t survive in a strange cruel world. Only the Mechanical pet and Mati pet could accompany you on this journey.
Ancient legends say that the world from which you just returned is their homeland. That once, very long ago, they flew from there in a large flying ship that could fly in the sky without the help of magic.
They were prisoners and outcasts in their homeland, but they managed to escape from there to our world. At first, they landed on the Heavenly islands, but there lived a mighty Ashkore, whom they were very afraid of.
Therefore, they decided to go down to the ground. Some of them still remained on the Heavenly islands to be closer to their homeland, the rest flew down...

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Dile a Paula que has matado a Mati.

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Dile a Paula que has matado a los hombres loboMati.
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Tell Paula that you killed Mati.
Dile a Paula que has matado a Mati.
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